293: Use Narratives in Your Content Marketing to Attract Music Students Online

In this episode of the Music Teachers: Expand Online podcast, our host Jaime Slutzky continues the conversation on storytelling, this time focusing on weaving narratives into your content marketing efforts like blog posts, videos, and podcasts.

  • Content marketing involves regularly publishing educational or entertaining content with the goal of attracting prospective students.
  • Adding stories makes your content more engaging by giving the reader/viewer/listener an immersive experience.
  • There are two types of examples you can use – fictionalized stories and real case studies.
  • Jaime shares a sample story for a blog post teaching how to find middle C (and all the C’s) on the piano.

Action item:

Think about an upcoming piece of content marketing you are creating. How could you incorporate more storytelling to better engage your audience?

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