295: From Viral to Valuable: Turning Engagement into Music Students

In this episode of the Music Teachers: Expand Online podcast our host, Jaime Slutzky, discusses what to do when your content goes viral and you get an influx of new leads and inquiries.

She outlines the three main places leads reach out:

  1. In the comments of your posts (especially the ones that get a lot of traction — these comments lead to more visibility, it’s the gift that keeps on giving!)
  2. In your social media DMs
  3. In your email inbox

Jaime emphasizes the importance of having systems in place to effectively engage with each new lead. This includes:

  • Acknowledging them and validating their comments or answering their questions
  • Provide feedback and invite further engagement
  • Follow up, as appropriate

Key takeaways:

  • Customize replies to show you value their time and engagement
  • Mirror leads’ communication style in your responses
  • Embrace consistent follow up across platforms

Action item:

Create a cheat sheet to standardize your replies and follow ups.

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